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LOCAL 342 LIPSE, 501 William Floyd Parkway, Shirley, New York 11967  l  Tel: 631.395.0600  l   Fax: 631.395.1943



President & General Manager

William (Bill) Hennessey has union blood running through his veins. From the time he can remember, he would listen to his father Harry Hennessey Sr. – who ran Local 342 for 34 years – on the phone early in the morning and late at night talking with members about a multitude of labor issues, including grievances. When he was on vacation from school, Bill would travel with his father to different worksites, absorbing whatever knowledge he could at a young age, and watching his father in action.

By the time Bill was in college, he had a job on the Circle Line Cruises, and at just 19 years old, was already serving as a Committee Member on the Negotiations Team responsible for new contracts. On July 1, 1989, Bill became a full-time employee of Local 342, LIPSE and was appointed a Business Agent by the Executive Board. In 1996, he was elected as the Local’s Secretary-Treasurer, and eight years late in 2004, was elected as President and General Manager.

In his current position, Bill serves on all Local 342 Committees as the Chairman.



James (Jim) Mazzarella began his career with Local 342 in 1990 as the Assistant Fund Manager. He was elected to the Executive Board in 1996 and became the Fund Manager in 1999. Jim was elected Secretary-Treasurer in 2005.


Executive Board Member

Harry Hennessey, Jr. first entered the Union when he joined the sister local, Local 333, in 1976. He first worked for Circle Line as a deckhand and then for various companies during the next 12 years. He spent the most time at Moran Towing. He holds a 1600 gross ton Mate of Freight and Towing license. He became a member of Local 342 in 1982. He started full time with the Town of Huntington in May 1988. He took on more responsibilities within the Local in 1989 when elected Shop Steward. He was appointed to the position of Liaison Officer in December 1994 and elected to the Executive Board in 2004. He is currently on full-time release at the Huntington Town Hall office. He serves on multiple boards, including United Marine Division, International Longshoremen's Association and the Long Island Federation of Labor. He has an advanced certificate in Labor Relations from Cornell's School of Labor Relations, an Associate Degree in Business Management from Suffolk Community College and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Economics from SUNY Empire State.

KEVIN GLEASON                

Executive Board Member

Kevin Gleason began as a laborer in the Town of Huntington in September 1984. In 1992, he was promoted to Automotive Equipment Operator, and in 1997, was promoted to Heavy Equipment Operator, all within the Highway Department. Kevin became involved with the Union as soon as he started employment with the Town of Huntington in 1984. He attended Union meetings regularly and then became more involved in 1993 during an attempt to decertify the supervisory bargaining unit. Kevin became a full-time release employee of the Union in 1998, where he serves on the Executive Board, and is an employee of the Town of Huntington, where he is the Liaison Officer. Kevin has served on a number of Union committees, including the Negotiating Committee, and is the Legislative Director for the Public Employees Conference. He also serves on his local school board and has been a school board member of the Eastport South Manor School District for six years where he has served as Vice President for one year, and President for two.

JERRY BEVINETTO             

Executive Board Member

Jery Bevinetto

Jerry Bevinetto became a member of Local 342 in 2009, employed in the Inc.

Village of Valley Stream.  He became a shop steward in November 2013 and

became an Executive Board Member in September 2017.

JOHN COACCI                   

Executive Board Member

John Coacci became a member of Local 342 in 1987 employed in Sanitary District #6. He was elected Shop Steward in 1997, and became an Executive Board Member in 2003.


Executive Board Member

Richard Polacek started his career with the Town of Huntington in 1982. He served as Shop Steward for 12 years in Blue Collar and Supervisory units. In 2012, became a member of the Executive Board.